Tips to Sell Ebooks Online

Tips to Sell Ebooks Online

Gone are the days when everything could be done manually. You know, like having a messenger drop letters to the offices, using snail mails instead of email and what-have-you. Thanks to the internet, people can skype instead of conducting physical meetings, selling and buying online instead of competing for parking space at your typical mall. Today, we do not need fancy physical libraries anymore as the advent of e-commerce stores saved the day.

Most budding writers are finding a convenient way of jotting down an informative book and selling it in minutes through the internet. This is an opportunity that everyone either as an individual or established company is yearning for. Statistics show that in 1995 alone, the giant Amazon accrued $10 million selling ebooks. The same online store in 2014 got $1.6 BILLION in ebook sale. You can be part of the statistic by selling your ebooks online with the following tips.

Set a Price

Writers are at crossroads when it comes to determining the right price for their ebooks because for once, looking at the time and efforts they have put into writing the book and how buyers would appreciate the book and price. Secondly, it can be even harder, especially if they are just starting. Buyers find it riskier to buy ebooks online from unknown writers rather than established ones. While meager prices like $2 may seem appropriate to lure potential buyers, set your price according to what makes sense to you.

Having a Nice PR in Your Niche

Make use of online PR to sell ebooks online, by approaching bloggers, and sending them a copy. These can be mid-level superstars in your niche. Most of them for lack of fresh content for their accounts of sites; they will often welcome your offer. You can also decide to go inclusive through strategic mentions of the influencers in your niche. Third, you should include discount codes for those who want to share your work with their networks.

Have a Mailing List

Email has stood the test of time and still is the most effective tool for e-marketing. Once clients sign up for your mailing list, they are more than eager to hear from you more often. Since you can communicate with your potential buyers by way of the mailing list, you can also control the message around your ebook.

In conclusion, other ways include turning your freebies into cash or traction and launching the ebook, then push after launch. People have different tips on promoting sales for their ebooks. Always ensure that you keep researching and putting the tips into action.


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