How to Sell Wholesale to Retailers

Sell Wholesale to Retailers

The advantage of selling wholesale to retailers is that their businesses take part in marketing your products. Retailers get products at a lower price than other customers. Retailers are sold products cheaper than other customers. There are several tips on how to go about selling wholesale to retailers.

Know your target retail stores

Know which stores, location and which people to target with your products.

Build a relationship with retailers

These wholesalers and retailers relationship can be acquired through hosting, attending trade shows and approaching them directly. You have to go out there and work on getting your business to be discovered. The more trade shows you attend, the more retailers contact you.

Approaching them directly can be through making phone calls, emailing, dispatching printed materials and knocking on doors. Remember to respond back to emails quickly and politely, send invoices or paperwork accurately.  Fix order issues as quickly as possible and answer questions about your products and orders. To find retailers to buy your clothes, politeness is not always the best approach. Your self-esteem counts to be persistent as sometimes not always will your email be seen. You can even go an extra mile and showcase your products directly.

Maintain wholesalers-retailers relationship

  • Be genuine about the products and the problem incurred during delivery as some retailers can even help sort out some problems
  • Be professional at the beginning
  • Be serious and professional yet friendly and laid back
  • Be yourself this makes you grounded

You can send friendly reminders from time to time. Make their orders quickly and professionally, and be sure to stay organized and accurate. Try to be as accommodating as you can, be professional and show that you care. Ask questions on time frame they want their orders in and never give up. Do not be annoying and pushy.

Have a buying strategy

There are regular retailers, those retailers who order items directly, other retailers who have seasonal scheduled orders, those who order during trade shows and others who have large orders before high seasons. Make sure you accommodate all these orders.

Know the basic price

The price you sell should be 250% the production costs. Suggest the retail price, considering other expenses helps determine this. Give discount when customers buy in large amounts to encourage large orders.


Taxes are charged to the customers of the retailers.


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