Should You Sell Your Clothes or Just Throw Them Away

Should You Sell Your Clothes

To de-clutter is to remove a mess from a place. The main reason behind decluttering is to get rid of a heap of clothes that are not being worn. So, there comes a dilemma of whether to sell or to throw away. There is a criterion to be followed for clothes to fall on the sell it piles or the throwaway pile.

Sell it pile

Decluttering can give you a few coins. Selling, however, is not a bed of roses as it takes time, energy and makes it difficult to part with your clothes. If you are faced with a sell it or throw away dilemma, throwing away may seem like the best option.

Before throwing away, you have to out-weigh your decision to do it. Once you throw away your clothes, the person you would have sold it to will obviously need to search elsewhere. To replace the clothes that you have thrown away, manufacturers will have to produce more clothes to sell to the consumer. Hence, the manufacturing industry will increase pollution. To curb such problems, you should opt to sell your clothes and reduce the demand for new clothes.

The clothes you dispose off in the garbage will be taken to a landfill, which ends up filling up and making the environment ugly and eat up space for trash. These clothes break down and sip into soil and water causing water and soil pollution.

Throw away pile

If your priority is to de-clutter and not make extra money, save time and put clothes in the throwaway pile. Selling involves listing on online platforms or blog, or organizing a garage a sale. Clothes may wait a long time before you get time to arrange a sale, beating the very purpose of decluttering. There are those clothes that do not meet a sell it or give away standard. Clothes that are stained, that are old fashioned or that are too ripped for repairs just leaves you with no option but to put them in this pile. Repurposing them can also work, that is if, for example, you cut up squares of your clothes as paper towels to clean up.

It is a big waste to throw clothes away, but you can’t stay with clothes that are useless to you. They will take up space, stress you and ruin your home decor ideas.

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